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TAE TOP 5 : Fashion Movies

Fashion Movies are inspiring and are known for adding to one’s sense of personal style.These Big Budget Hollywood movies have an incredible amount of stunning office-chic outfits any businesswoman would dream of having, classy casuals & breathtaking evening gowns . With the expertise, money and clothes to show off, they are incredible fashion movies every stylish […]

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TAE Top 5: International Style Icons

Style Icons are trendsetters, risktakers and people who let their personal style set a path for others to follow. These Women are recognized for their glamorous and undiluted style: Michelle Obama Is an American lawyer and writer, she is the wife of the 44th and current president of the United States of America. Michelle Obama […]

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Staff Picks

Proust Style Questionnaire: Zina Anumudu

It’s time for the Proust Style Questionnaire! On a periodical basis, we will be asking some of our favorite personalities a few light questions about their style and lives! Enjoy this edition with the Vivacious, Style Star, Zina Anumudu. Zina Anumudu is a Fashion Enthusiast & A Style Blogger Extraordinaire. She Is known for her infamous weekly […]

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TAE Easter Greetings

Make your chocolate bunnies, gather your Easter eggs and enjoy this season of love, fertility and goodies.We at Tae wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love , happiness and life. Have a wonderful Easter!

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TAE Top 5 : Seafood Dishes

Seafood dishes are known to be succulent and are also good in keeping calories in check. These seafood dinner ideas are tasty and easy enough to make on a weeknight. Seafood Okro : Okro or lady fingers is one of  the most popular ‘draw soups’ enjoyed in almost every part of Nigeria, known for its numerous health benefits and […]

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Tae Woman : Women We Crush On

We Love strong-willed, empowering and influential women.  These women have studied the art of survival and are sources of Inspiration and motivation in their various fields. Tamara Mellon Is Vogue’s former fashion editor, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Jimmy Choo, a luxury brand that offers designer shoes, handbags and range of accessories. She was named as a “global trade envoy […]

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Tae Top 5: Travel Destinations

Hi Everyone, Travel season is slowly creeping in, and while it is still a long time away, we love to plan early! Here are our top 5 picks of travel destinations.  Enjoy! 1. Amalfi Coast, Italy: For fine dining and relaxation. Also great if you like water sports. For more information on Amalfi Coast, click here  […]

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A Day in the Life: Isioma Onochie Aihie

  Isioma Onochie Aihie is a free-spirited, almost-hermit, serial entrepreneur mother of four. Her typical day as the CEO of Grey Velvet looks a bit like this: 5.30 AM – Wake up with a start hearing my youngest daughter yelling, “Spike wont hurry up!!! Mummy tell him..I don’t want to be late today!!!” or something like that……….. 6.10AM – Still comatose, try […]

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Tae Top 5: Music in the Design Studio

  We are big music lovers at Tae. Music is very essential to our design process, it puts the team in the right mood and creates room for inspiration to flood in! We are currently prepping for our new collection (Yes! So Excited and Counting down to its Release) and we need a bit of […]

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Proust Style Questionaire: Chayla Shagaya

We are back  with  the Proust Style Questionnaire! On a periodical basis, we will be asking some of our favorite personalities a few light questions about their style and lives! Enjoy our second edition this year with Chalya Shagaya –  the artistically inclined closet nerd with a keen interest in Fashion, Culinary and Photography. Chalya is a […]

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