Tae headline image with tassel kimono

Taé comes from the Yoruba word ‘Taiwo’ – ‘Taster of Life’ – the name given to the older of a set of twins by the people of South Western Nigeria. It holds special personal significance for Bisola: somewhere in her paternal roots are to be found an adventurous set of twins around whom cherished family myths have long been woven.


Bisola Edun - Founder Tae

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Bisola grew up in front of a mirror, admiring herself clad in secret borrowings from the wardrobes of her fashionable mum. Early on she acquired a love of heels, and a fashion magazine obsession that soon saw her showing up in school clutching her own interpretations of Christian Lacroix’ designs.


Those creations spawned a band of admirers: schoolmates who were soon demanding – and getting – their own designs. In the years since that early stirring of the Taé seed the brand has come to confidently symbolize the very essence of ‘Taé’ – an independent spirit, and zest for life.


TAÉspiration comes from everyday life.
“I love street fashion, and I particularly love Nigerian fashion. It is bold and vibrant; you can’t help but be drawn by it. I work with prints because it’s the best medium to interpret that distinctive Nigerian style, which is then further reinterpreted according to the personality or maybe even the mood of the person wearing the particular item of clothing.“


The Taé brand has travelled far beyond home in Nigeria, with clients in Europe and North America. Recognition has come from the British Council; in 2007 Taé was awarded the British Council International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Prize.


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