TAE Top 5 : Seafood Dishes

Seafood dishes are known to be succulent and are also good in keeping calories in check. These seafood dinner ideas are tasty and easy enough to make on a weeknight.

Seafood Okro : Okro or lady fingers is one of  the most popular ‘draw soups’ enjoyed in almost every part of Nigeria, known for its numerous health benefits and great taste. Seafood Okro is a combination of fresh Seafood and Okro , this fusion is known to have a distinctive taste with a wide variety of minerals and vitamins.



Seafood Pasta: Pasta is known to be affordable and versatile, rich in carbohydrate and fiber and with the right collection of seafoods you can make this low-fat satisfying dish in minutes.



Seafood Paella : Paella is a Spanish dish that has it roots in a territory known as Valencia. Yellow saffron rice is one of the main ingredients, and it is accompanied by any combination of seafood, chicken, pork and various types of herbs and spices. Paella is not fattening, provided you include it as part of a balanced diet.



Clam Chowder:  When it comes to losing weight, low-calorie dishes offer a quick and easy way to cut calories from your daily diet. Clam chowder, long popular in the Northeast, is one of many soup choices dieters have to choose from.



Good O’le Fish and Chips : Fish and chips are a valuable source of protein, fibre, iron and vitamins, providing a third of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins for men and nearly half for women.



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