A Day in the Life: Isioma Onochie Aihie


Isioma Onochie Aihie is a free-spirited, almost-hermit, serial entrepreneur mother of four. Her typical day as the CEO of Grey Velvet looks a bit like this:

5.30 AM – Wake up with a start hearing my youngest daughter yelling, “Spike wont hurry up!!! Mummy tell him..I don’t want to be late today!!!” or something like that………..

6.10AM – Still comatose, try to pray but usually everything is still a blur.   Hugs, kisses and last minute “can-be-told-later-but-must-tell-it-now-that-we’re-late-gist” with younger 2 children.

6.45AM – Quickly get ready and hurry out the door for morning mass.

8.00 AM – Potter about for a bit and settle down to sort out emails, other correspondence, book-keeping / accounting matters.   Phone calls galore Part 1.  Quality Assurance Time – review garments produced for private clients and batch for the day.

11.00AM – Leave for store meetings.   Phone calls galore part 2 during the ride in.
Arrive at a store and will either have a nice easy banter with staff concerning latest mall and customer shenanigans OR go from 0 – 1,000 on the Richter scale because of some issue or the other that could have been avoided or rectified quite easily but wasn’t, of course!

12.00PM – Long stock and sales reviews. Meeting with buyer to review existing brand performances and review prospective new ones; meeting with PR and Marketing execs to approve strategies, photos, artwork etc for the week; have fun with old customers and provide personal entertainment to the new  (my best part!!!)

4.00PM – Leave for other store to repeat much of the same OR continue meetings, gossip and catch up on phone calls.

6.00PM – Receive first set of phone calls from my children to tell me about their day and to find out when I’ll be back home.

7.30 – 8.00PM – Head home.  More business phone calls and more calls from children.  Practically comatose.

8.30 – 9.00PM – Home, catch up and pray with children and pack them off to bed!

9.45PM – Shower, eat dinner watching daily dose of “Deal or No Deal” and “ The Cube” or a particular flavor of the moment that’s no better.   Call oldest daughter or youngest sister to catch up on latest news and family gist.

11.30PM – Sketch or cut out designs that have been niggling at me all day or needs particular attention for a client OR catch up on latest news.

12.45AM – Catch up on all my paperwork.  Create to-do list for next day and realize to-do list for the past two-days have barely been touched!!!  Create new one and pack up for next day.

1.30 AM – Do sit-ups (not going to tell you how many cos you’ll hate me!!!)

2.00AM – Head for bed, thanking God for a good (or bad) day, check on kids and dog, fall into bed.  Say “Goodnight” to snoring hubby (I bet you thought he didn’t exist!!!!) and its lights out!