Proust Style Questionaire: Chayla Shagaya

We are back  with  the Proust Style Questionnaire! On a periodical basis, we will be asking some of our favorite personalities a few light questions about their style and lives!

Enjoy our second edition this year with Chalya Shagaya –  the artistically inclined closet nerd with a keen interest in Fashion, Culinary and Photography.

Chalya is a self proclaimed Nigerian “Fashion Gentry” (a term she coined).  A pioneer of fashion styling in the Nigerian “new school” fashion industry. She has worked with the likes of Deola Sagoe, Arise Fashion, Rita Dominic, Sasha P, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, Polo Lagos, Kelis and has served as a muse for Tiffany Amber and Jewel by Lisa. Chalya now works full time as the Regional Business Development Lead for Setana Energy Ltd.

Top three rules in your Style guide?

Break the rules, No to fashion trend slavery, and there really are no rules

What you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

A lace front wig or those awful looking closures

Best piece of fashion advice you have been given?

I do not subscribe to other people’s fashion opinion/ advice

First extravagant fashion purchase ?

A piece of jewelry

What fashion trend needs to die right now?

Bandage dresses, and tying the iro of buba and iro to the front.

What do you find most appealing in a man?

Intelligence, sensibility and sensitivity

What do you find most appealing in a woman?

Confidence, intelligence, and humility

Your chief characteristic?


Your idea of perfect happiness?

I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfect happiness

Your idea of perfect misery?

Oxymoron! (laughs!) That state of being, like happiness, is a choice. I couldn’t even imagine what that could be like.

Most treasured childhood memory?

Me and my siblings sitting around my mum as she told us folktales and sang to us

Your idea of the perfect dinner party?

Candle lit room. Maximum 12 guests sat at one long table. With an insanely gastronomically orgasmic menu comprising of mostly aphrodisiac foods.

The natural talent you’d love to have ?

Mind Reading

Your present state of mind?

In a really good place, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and humanly.

One song that would be a soundtrack to your life?

“I Was Here” – Beyonce