Proust Style Questionnaire: Liz Awoliyi

We are back in 2015 with our first Tae Special Feature,  the Proust Style Questionnaire! On a periodical basis, we will be asking some of our favorite personalities a few light questions about their style and lives! Enjoy this edition with the darlig Liz Awoliyi.

Liz is a TV & Radio Presenter. In addition, she is the Online Editor of Genevieve Magazine.

Read on for her responses to our questions.

Top three rules in your Style guide?

Be comfortable in whatever you wear
Learn your body shape and dress to suit it
Do not follow trends, have your own personal style and own it

What you would not be caught dead wearing?

Anything Bodycon

Best piece of fashion advice you have been given?

Do not show Boobs and Legs at the same time…it is either one or the other

First extravagant fashion purchase?

Jimmy Choo bag, It was on sale for £500, I thought I had arrived!!!


What fashion trend needs to die right now?

I think we have over done the full skirt lool,  let us bring back pencil skirts!!

What do you find most appealing in a man?


What do you find most appealing in a woman?

Keeping it real

Your chief characteristic?

My energy (well, that is what people say)

Your idea of perfect happiness? 

With loved ones, not doing a lot…just simply being and appreciating each others company

Your idea of perfect misery?

No money. No Love. Lol

Most treasured childhood memory?

My dad taking us to go see Michael Jackson in concert at Wembley Arena. I was 11 years old or so…


Photo Credit: Mark Elias/AP

Your idea of the perfect dinner party?

Intimate, maximum 10 of my favourite people; good food, good wine, and old school jams playing in the background

The natural talent you would  love to have?

I wish I was artistic, I wish I could draw. I Wish I was more creative generally. I also wish I was better at Maths

Your present state of mind?


One song that would be a soundtrack to your life OR What is your motto?

Dream Big – Jazmine Sullivan.  I did it my way – Frank Sinatra