Bisola Edun’s Interview with Lionesses of Africa



Our Creative Director, Bisola Edun recently conducted an interview with Lionesses of Africa. View excerpts from the interview below:

“When it comes to how I got started as an entrepreneur, I always say to others “don’t start the way I did”, because I originally had a partner, and when we started I was actually working in finance, and by the time she pulled out to move outside Nigeria, I realised I needed to do this on my own. So I quit my job in stockbroking, put together a business plan, and because my partner and I had tried for two years to raise some finance and couldn’t, by the time I tried to start the business I was able to raise the initial money needed over three months. In that time, no-one told me I was crazy, everyone was supportive telling me “you are quitting your job to pursue your dreams, we are so happy for you”, which was all great, but I had no actual clue initially about the fashion business – I only knew it was something I had always wanted to do. I was much younger then and more adventurous, not afraid of anything – that was eleven years ago when I first started the business. If I started again today, I probably wouldn’t have approached things in quite the same fearless way. Instead, I just told myself that I wanted to start the business, I wasn’t afraid of anything, and I was going to succeed as an entrepreneur”

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