Proust Style Questionnaire – Lanre ‘eLDee’ Dabiri


We are back again with one of Tae Special Features, the Proust Style Questionnaire! On a periodical basis, we will be asking some of our favorite personalities a few light questions about their style and lives! Enjoy this edition with the talented  Lanre ‘eLDee’ Dabiri .

Lanre ‘eLDee’ Dabiri is a multi talented professional. From writing songs for international pop artists, to recording and producing amazing music, directing great videos, and to co-founding some innovative start-ups, he is able to bring anyone into his world of creativity in an effortless manner.

Read on for elDee’s responses to our questions.

Top three rules in your Style guide?

Black and white, fail proof.
Keep it fresh, nice and simple
The louder it is, the less you can repeat it.

What you would not be caught dead wearing?

Jeggings, where is your manhood?! Lmao!

Best piece of fashion advice you have been given?

Organize your closet. This way you’ll see all you own and match better.

First extravagant fashion purchase?

Gucci jacket

What fashion trend needs to die right now?

Men tying shirts around their waists, uurgh!
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What do you find most appealing in a man?

Not that I am out there checking out other men but I hate it when people walk in the room without cologne. I am not interested in your primal scent lol.

What do you find most appealing in a woman?

I like a woman with a nice figure, decent sized rack, absolutely no preggy belly, some hips help the overall look. I cannot stand the transformation make-up that women do these days, it is like walking around wearing some barbie doll’s face lol.

Your chief characteristic?

I like simple, classy. Nothing loud and obnoxious.

Your idea of perfect happiness?

House on the mountains with an infinite pool overlooking the ocean, my girls and I hanging out in the backyard spending quality time.

Your idea of perfect misery?

Being poor, broke, and lonely, in a third world country.

Most treasured childhood memory?

Trips to Yankari game reserve (when it was still open and with lots of wildlife)


Your idea of the perfect dinner party?

High school/College alumni reunion dinner with everyone and their families at a luxury chateau in the south of France.

The natural talent you would  love to have?

Athleticism. I wish I didn’t gain weight so easily! Urrrgh! I practiced martial arts when I was younger and it kept me in shape but I got busier as I grew older and left it all behind. Now I’m constantly battling weight issues.

Your present state of mind?

Entrepreneurial. I am constantly looking at technology solutions and long term investments.

One song that would be a soundtrack to your life OR What is your motto?

My current motto is “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”. The soundtrack to my life? hmm, I guess….Jay-Z’s “Already Home” featuring Kid Kudi.