A Day in the Life: Lamide Akintobi



Today we are introducing another Tae Special Feature; A Day in the Life. Ever wonder what your favourite personalities or entrepreneurs days are like? Periodically they give us a walk-through of their 24 Hours. Enjoy!

First-up, is Lamide Akintobi. Lamide is a Journalist, TV Producer & Presenter for EbonyLife TV and Freelancer, who loves adventure, music, travel, telenovelas, playing with gadgets, getting lost in a good book and online shopping.

I should start off by saying my days differ drastically, depending on what I am working on. Because I spend time between Lagos and Calabar, shooting “The Spot” and working on other freelance jobs, I sometimes have extremely busy days, while other days are spent doing research and following up on stuff…aka staying in my pajamas till noon and not combing my hair days. But for when I’m in Calabar working on my EbonyLife TV Show “the Spot”, here’s a typical day.

5:30 am: The alarm disturbs. I thank God as I hit the snooze button

6:00am: I stop hitting the snooze button and get up, say a quick prayer and grudgingly hit the shower

6:30am: If I was efficient the night before, by this time, I’m packing up my laptop and my breakfast/fruits/snacks for the day. If I wasn’t, which is usually the case, I’m trying to figure out if I have any food I can pack up and eat on the go, as I pack up my stuff to take to the studio

6:45 -7:00am: Head to the studio and read any emails, text messages or bat signals that may have come in, and catch up on my social media feeds.

7:00 – 7:30am: Get to studio, get a cup of tea, switch on laptop and make sure I have the day’s itinerary and do some pre-production work (research) or post-production (sourcing images or other items editors may need ) and make sure I’ve handed over all the info required for episodes we’re filming on the day (images, videos, etc)

7:40 – 9:00am: Grudgingly get into make-up chair in our ARCTIC make-up room so the talented team can make me look less like an angry hobo and more like a hottie. Praise God for concealer. After that, I put my head into the hands of our trusty hair guy as well.

9:00 – 9:15am: Get dressed and go on set, we usually say a quick prayer to start the day, before settling in to shoot.

9:30am – 7:30pm: Rinse and repeat. Change outfits, touch up makeup, chat with our guests (if they show up. If they don’t, we pretend not to panic while panicking inside and looking for other options)*Sometime in the middle of this is lunch, and green room hijinks with the crew and my co-presenters*

8:00pm: Done for the day, we pack up, do a quick debrief with the producer and head back home.

8:30pm: Get in, wash off the make-up, shower, get something to eat, plop myself in front of the TV (usually to watch Botched Up/Embarrassing bodies/one of the other weird shows on TLC) and work on the next day’s schedule, write up the synopsis for the episodes we shot during the day, collate any pictures taken on set, and do some work on the newspaper/website I freelance edit for. I also return phone calls or messages I might have missed during the day, gossip shamelessly with my peeps, check in with those I need to check in with and do a bit of faffing about.

Midnight: If I can, I catch up on Skype with my sister Mayowa and my niece Dee, who live in the US. Definitely always a highlight of my day.

1:00am – Off to bed!! See why I need so much concealer??