Proust Style Questionnaire – Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi


Introducing one of Tae Special Features, the Proust Style Questionnaire! On a periodical basis, we will be asking some of our favorite personalities a few light questions about their style and lives! Enjoy our premiere edition with the lovely and talented Gbemi Olateru- Olagbegi!

Gbemi is a seasoned On Air Radio & TV personality and event compere. She has worked at reputable media organizations such as NTA, Cool FM & presently she presents “The Drive Time Show with Gbemi” on The Beat99.9FM every weekday. Gbemi is currently the Program Director of Naija FM 102.7 and Deputy Program Director for The Beat99.9FM!

Read on for Gbemi’s responses to our questions.

Top three rules in your style guide?

Style guide? Hmmm….This is a question for fashionistas! I’m not one. I would say – wear whatever makes you comfortable as long as it suits the occasion.

What you would you not be caught dead wearing?


Best piece of fashion advice you have been given?

“When in doubt, use duct tape!” (The person was referring to the tummy area)

 First extravagant fashion purchase?

What fashion trend needs to die right now?

I think its already dead but some Nigerians won’t let it go! The velvet wrapper and the twist knot thing they do with the wrapper.

What do you find most appealing in a man?


What do you find most appealing in a woman?

Confidence. Being comfortable in her own skin.

Your chief characteristic?

My realness

Your idea of perfect happiness?

Being with a loved one/loved ones with no drama in a fun environment with no drama!

 Your idea of perfect misery?

Being stuck in a place with people who give you grief. Traffic when you really need to use the loo!  LOL!

Most treasured childhood memory?

My 2nd birthday. I had on a cute dress, cute little Afro and my cake was huge.

Your idea of the perfect dinner party?

Plenty of my favorite food like Pasta, Steak, Ice Cream and Cake. Fun and lively people and lots of Alcohol.

The natural talent you would love to have?

Be a fabulous dancer.

 Your present state of mind?

Chaos! Deadlines! Proposals! Got to make that Christmas money!!!

One song that would be a soundtrack to your life OR What is your motto?

Jill Scott’s “Golden”